Give shape to the rubber

Membranes, Gaskets and rubber technical items

All products comply with the European directives on toxic substances (REACH) and heavy metals (ROSH). Raw materials are carefully selected, checked, and provided with the necessary safety documentation.

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Membranes for pressure tanks and bladders for expansion vessels for heating and water lifting systems products in EPDM (white, black, honey), BUTYL, SBR, NBR materials in compliance with DIN4807/3 - DIN EN13831 n°8.5.2.

Bag and double volume membranes for tanks up to 1500 liters
Fixed heating bladders for expansion vessels up to 500 liters
Membranes for large tanks up to 10000 liters
Membranes for reverse osmosis tanks

Our membranes are produced using appropriately formulated compounds to guarantee durability and rigorously chosen according to the final use.

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Our gaskets for chimmy flues and boilers offer the best guarantees of resistance and durability over time.

They are produced in EPDM HT and silicone of various colors / black, red, blue), according to the provisions of EN 14241-1:2013 in terms of resistance to high temperatures and acid condensation.

Available in diameters from 60 to 600 mm with different sealing profile.

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Technical items

They are made according to the customer’s technical specifications:

  • Under-rail plates
  • Caps
  • In-fill fittings
  • Sleeves
  • Bushings
  • Wall cover gaskets
  • Engine cover gaskets


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