Continuous checks on incoming raw materials and on the performance of printed products


New laboratory built on an area of 100 square meters. 
The instruments used are of new generation and are used for quality controls on the raw material and the final product.

The laboratory has the following instruments:

  • Ovens for compression set, permanent tensile deformation test, ageing test, corrosion test, post curing test
  • Rheometer (compound reometry)
  • Laboratory Press:
    •         Realization of standardized plates for raw material test
    •         Crushing/deformation tests 
  • Dynamometers with climatic chamber 
  • Durometer Shore A 
  • Durometer IRHD 
  • Scales for density
  • 5x and 60x magnifying glass to verify homogeneity mixes and degree coumpound dispersion
  • Permeabilimeter for static permeability test
  • Gauges for dimensional measurements 
  • Punching machine to have different shape specimens for testing 
  • Instrumentation for insulation electrical resistance test 
  • Fatigue tests bench membrane installed in the tanks


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